1. Januar 2013

Dummy Load 50 Ω

50 Kohleschichtwiderstände zu 0.25 W in einer kleinen Alubox mit einer BNC-Buchse ergeben eine Dummy Load für Hochfrequenz und 12 W Dauerlast.

This is our first try at building an HF dummy load – if we don't count simple pairs of 100 Ω wire-wound resistors, which are not really suited for high frequency. 50 carbon film resistors (0.25 W) are distributed on both sides a small piece of circuit board and placed inside a small Teko aluminium enclosure fitted with a BNC jack. This should give us 12 watts in theory, but see below what happened.

Können 4 Watt das Lötzinn zum Schmelzen bringen? – Can 4 watts melt soldering joints?
Es sieht so aus… – Well, I guess so…
Größe – Dimension Wert – Value
Frequenzbereich – Frequency ca. DC–30 MHz ?
Dauerleistung – Continuous power 12 W ??
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