June 6, 2013

Canoeing in Sweden (Summer 2013)

Last spring we started planning our summer outdoor holiday. What should it be then, hiking, climbing? Somehow, we came up with the idea of kayaking. A bit of research later (looking at kayak rental prices in Sweden), we decided on buying a canoe. Destination should be Lake Åsnen in southern Sweden. The canoe got auctioned off ebay and picked up in Hamburg. Then, after a 700 km road trip we stand on Åsnen's shore in Hulevik.

Some observations:

  • Southern Sweden is a popular tourist region, so don't be surprised not to be the only one cruising around (though it gets pretty lonesome on big lakes during stormy weather).
  • You do not have to learn the Swedish "Hej!" to greet your neighbours on camp sites as they're German. Always.
  • Weather was almost perfect (maybe too sunny?), midges not too much of an annoyance.

As usual, we list our equipment items together with remarks about if they saw any use. It turned out that many things were wisely chosen – only bad weather clothes and survival kits were fortunately not really needed.

stuff p . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . used p stuff f . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . used f
Paddling equipment
life vest x life vest x
paddle x paddle x
spare paddle
equipment barrel x equipment barrel x
waterproof bag x
Bootswagen x
floating rope ∅6/10 m x
carabiner, small -
waterproof map bag x
knee cushion (pc. sleeping pad) x knee cushion x
scooping cup x
sponge x
Big stuff
rucksack -
rain cover -
tent x
sleeping pad x sleeping pad x
sleeping bag x sleeping bag x
knife, Mora knife, Mora x
folding saw x
headlight x headlight x
spare batteries spare batteries -
fire steel x fire steel -
whistle whistle -
Survival kit
safety blanket
small sewing kit
medium compression bandage
small lighter
aluminium band aid
spoon x Spork x
tin can alcohol stove 4x x (3x)
ethanol 4 l x (1 l)
wind protector x
aluminium foil
plastic plates 2x
matches 2x x matches -
tinder box tinder bag -
frying pan x
water filter x
water kettle x
thermos 1 l x
water bottle x water bottle x
mug 750 ml x
drinking mug x
vitamin tablets x
chocolate bars 500 g
foodstuff x
compass x compass -
maps x
toilet paper in bag toilet paper in bag x
waste bags waste bags x
Nikon D70 + lenses x Ixus 220 HS x
spare battery x spare battery -
hankies hankies (2 pk.) x
climbing pants x
long pants (2x) x
shorts x shorts x
rain jacket x rain jacket x
rain trousers rain trousers -
outdoor shirt x outdoor shirts, l+s x
T shirt cotton x
outdoor T shirt x
wool shirt, long x
wool shirt, short -
swimwear x swimwear x
underpants (2x) x underpants (3x) x
wool cap x
longjohns -
wool socks x wool socks, long (1x) -
outdoor socks (2x) x
Buff Buff -
base cap -
fishing hat x sun hat x
sunglasses x
biking gloves thin gloves -
fleece sweater x fleece sweater x
gumboots x
sandals x water-friendly shoes x
Beauty Bag
towel x
mini towel towel x
olive oil (10 ml) x
shampoo x
liquid soap x
tooth brush x tooth brush x
tooth paste x tooth paste x
one-way razor x one-way razor x
sun cream 50 ml x sun cream xx ml x
mirror x
glasses x
sunglasses -
Zivipack Zivipack x
paper/pencil paper/ball pen -
purse x purse x
money/ID/EC card x money/ID/EC card x
keys x keys x
Handy x
fishing rod x
spinner x
blinker x
plastic fish x
landing net x

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