January 17, 2013

Mind Machine

In approximately five hours, we constructed a visual mind machine. It consists of hypnotic goggles (type "Ganesha") and a small aluminium box that contains a frequency generator controlling three red LEDs per eye. The blinking frequency can be adjusted between 3 Hz and 25 Hz by means of a potentiometer.

Thus, brainwaves from the high beta state down to the delta state are covered (stress to trance, cf. wiki:wave-patterns).

Normally, at least audio-visual stimuli are given by mind machines, but by limiting this prototype to the visual sense alone, after all we have the advantage of our trance being able to be interrupted by screaming children.

Construction inside the aluminium case was pretty rude at first and didn't include fasteners for the circuit board. This led to a 12V/16A short that fried a fuse, a diode and the 555 IC. Damn. The goggles are from a sadly disappeared chemistry set "Schuco 6601 A Chemie Basis LAB". They are equipped with LEDs and series resistors for 12 V, separately for the left and right eye, and are thus open to further experiments with other frequency generators.

Hypnotic goggles type "Ganesha".
Frequency generator.
Construction and schematics.

Januar 25, 2013

After the first version self-destructed because of a stupid short between copper trace and enclosure, we did a second version in dead bug construction style. Soldering work was suprisingly pleasant and successful.

Version 2,opened. DC jack still missing.
One-sided circuit board, tinned, bolted directly to the enclosure. Parts positioned around the "dead bug".
Dimension Value
Frequency (min, max) 3 – 25 Hz
Colours red
Supply voltage 12 V DC
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