29/30 April 2016

Volcán Antuco

I take a bus to Los Ángeles, and a second one to Abanico, the last village before Volcán Antuco.

Download GPX file: 20160429-tag1anfahrt.gpx

In Los Ángeles, you have to go to another bus terminal (2.5 km), which I did by foot to see something of the town. Here I sit already in the second bus:

Soon, I can the see the volcano at the horizon:

At the junction to Abanico, the driver lets me descend. There's no further bus. If you're lucky, someone takes you by car. I'm not lucky today. But a nice Chilean on a bike offers me his company for a few kilometres.

Download GPX file: 20160429-tag1antuco.gpx

Sierra Velluda (3585 m), a neighbouring volcano:

Basaltic columns high above me:

From Laguna del Laja, here Río Laja has its source:

Another view of Sierra Velluda:

From the gravel road, the terrain descends very steeply to the river:

A bit after the ranger station in Chacay, up Sendero Sierra Velluda. Here I find a small wooden platform:

The path over volcanic ground is marked nicely, some lonely plants make it look like a garden:

Here I reach the main lava field of Antuco, which I try to cross. The lava is incredibly cragged and almost impassable, I return after a few minutes and look for a place to stay for the night.

Last sun rays hit the summit of Sierra Velluda:

View into Abanico valley, from where I came:

It's getting dark now…

My camp site. I try to secure my tarp with rocks against the strong gusts, but nevertheless, it's flapping loudly the whole night.

Download GPX file: 20160430-tag2antuco.gpx

(If you wonder, a police car passes me on the way back, and I see it crashed into another car after the next bend. Sorry, no pics.)

Here I've already taken my tarp down. You see how nicely the mattress fits into the stone circle, which I found like this yesterday:

A cloud crawls over the mountains:

View over Antuco's lave field in the early morning:

Sierra Veluda lies still in the dark:

On my way into the valley to Chacay:

Download GPX file: 20160430-tag2rueckfahrt.gpx

Totally by chance, on this tour I discovered Moe's Tavern! Unexpectedly, it's lying in Calle Villagrán in Los Ángeles (see map 4):

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