15 May 2016

Altos de Lircay: Enladrillado

I sleep in a room with ten beds, alone.

My rental car in front of the hut of Tito and his wife:

Ten to eight, I'm on the way to "Enladrillado" without knowing what to expect…

With the weather being much nicer today, I fetch a view of Piedras Blancas, where I have been yesterday in the afternoon:

Magellanic woodpeckers (Campephilus magellanicus) in Altos de Lircay national reserve:

Above the tree line, these posts mark my way:

And snow comes closer…

On the way, I meet Milena from Uruguay, who travels South America on her own. Here we snap some pics almost at the end of the trip:

Note the condor directly over the hill:

Enladrillado is a volcanic plateau, totally level, and composed of giant boulders.

View from the plateau to Volcán Descabezado Grande (3830 m):

Next to it, Volcán Quizapú/Cerro Azul (3788 m):

A Chinchemollo (Agathemera crassa):

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